Gabriela Noriega

Preschool 3s

I’m a preschool teacher for 3 year olds here at The Fulton School. I was born in Mexico and raised in Rockwall, Tx. After I graduated from Rockwall High School, I moved to California for 6 years and went to lvn school. I had my beautiful babies in California, Luna and Sol, and then moved back to Texas in 2018. When I moved back, I had to find a job where I could be around my kids and make sure they were in an educational and loving environment so I started working in daycare. In 2019, I started at Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center in Rockwall and worked there for almost two years. In between all these years, I have worked with children from bible school at church to babysitting and then having my own. I believe in teaching children their social and emotional skills early on as they learn how to communicate and start to do things independently. Children love structure and interaction so that’s something I try to instill everyday in my classroom. Encouragement and acknowledgment are also so important in the development of children. A high five or a great job comment can change a child’s attitude so quickly. I hope to teach these kids valuable life and educational lessons in a fun, loving, and comfortable environment.