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Fulton School

Ignite the Drive to Learn.

  • 15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
    15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

    Individual attention is priority. We boast a 15 to 1 ratio student teacher ratio. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized attention and stronger relationships. Our teachers know your child’s strengths and are attentive to your child’s individual needs and learning styles. With The Fulton School, your child won't slip through the cracks because of our small class sizes.

  • STEM Learning
    STEM Learning

    Loving to learn environment. We light your child’s passion for learning with an environment that is promotes independent learning and growth with STEM based environments.Your child will have the opportunity to learn and figure out problems and critical concepts within their groups and individually.

  • Success for Tomorrow
    Success for Tomorrow

    Teaching for today and tomorrow. We use a spiraling approach to teaching. Research shows, multiple exposures to key concepts are vital to learning acquisition. We will teach your child for today so they are successful tomorrow. That way, your child is exposed to topics and concepts multiple times throughout the curriculum and it becomes part of their knowledge base.

  • Social Thinking
    Social Thinking

    Developing social awareness. We partner with parents to develop students who understand the importance of acceptable communication and social interactions. We will encourage your child to develop their social skills like: listening, speaking, respect, and non-verbal communication.

The Fulton School

A Small Private School in Rockwall, TX Offering Big Opportunities

Children deserve a safe & caring environment where they are empowered to explore and learn the skills to be successful. As a STEM School, we emphasize science, technology, engineering, and math based learning in our curriculum.

We help students reach their full potential and ignite in them a love of learning that public schools can’t. Our private preschool in Rockwall provides the building blocks for students to be successful in our elementary classrooms through 5th grade. Our intentional foundation will equip your child for middle school and high school.

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Private Preschool
in Rockwall, TX

We understand how important early childhood education is.

We offer a high-quality early childhood education with an age-appropriate curriculum. Our students are exposed to the foundational basics of STEM along with Spanish.

We are more than an average child care center in Rockwall, TX. If you are looking for a preschool program in Rockwall, TX, contact our offices to schedule a tour.

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Private Elementary School
in Rockwall, TX

The Fulton school is a coeducational, accredited, diverse school that provides a challenging education program, emphasized the total development of each student, provides a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of its students and fosters a love of learning and a genuine respect for others.

If you are looking for a private school in Rockwall, TX, we invite you to get a sense of our school. The best way to experience our classroom atmosphere is to see us in action. Schedule a tour and experience The Fulton School for yourself.

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Fulton School


We set your child up for success by choosing Abeka curriculum for private schools. Our scope and sequence spiral rigorous learning concepts, so your child will learn and retain more. These concepts are based on students' abilities, so that they are fully engaged and understand concepts that build on each other.

From language arts to math, social studies, and everything in between, our curriculum is research-based and backed by results.

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